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Safety is like a lock – But you are the key

Are you part of the safety TEAM….. (Together Employees Accomplish More)

"A casual attitude towards safety = CASUALTY"

"Accidents hurt - Safety doesn't."

"Accidents Big Or Small, Avoid Them All"

"Being safe is like breathing - you never want to stop."

"Do your work with pride, put safety in every stride."

"Don't be a fool, Cause Safety is cool, so make that your rule."

"Don't be a fool, use the proper tool."

"Don't be safety blinded, be safety minded."

"Don't fix the blame, fix the problem!"

"Don't learn safety by accident!"

"Every accident - every - time if it's predictable it's preventable!" 

"K.I.S.S. - Keep It Safe and Sound

"Never think working safe is in vain when it could save a life time of pain."

"Prepare & prevent instead of repair & repent."

"Safe today - Alive tomorrow"

"Safety is a mission not an intermission."

"Safety is a state of mind - Accidents are an absence of mind."

"Safety is as simple as ABC - Always Be Careful"

"Safety is for life - just do it"

"Safety is great unless you're late."

"Shortcuts cut life short"

"Stop accidents before they stop you!"

"The best safety device is a safe worker"

"The chance taker is the accident maker."

"Unsafe acts will keep you in stitches."

"Prepare & prevent instead of repair & repent."

"Work smarter not harder"

Tell me- I forget, Show me - I remember, Involve me - I’ committed

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